Well Man Watercheck  has been treating water problems for residential and commercial clients since 1995. Founded by former Culligan® General Manager, Art Gilliam, Well Man Watercheck has proven to be an industry leader. With over 30 years of experience under his belt, you’re guaranteed the perfect system for all of your well and water treatment needs.

Our products and services have expanded to include well pump and pressure tank replacement, wells cleaned and repaired, well certifications and chlorination, salt, chemical and bottled water delivery.  In addition, we install and service all brands of conditioners, neutralizers, feeders, filters, reverse osmosis and ultra-violet systems. Need to improve your water pressure we install booster pumps or constant pressure systems. All our employees are highly trained offering over 20 years of practical experience.

Custom Design That’s Guaranteed to Work

Using only the best equipment available to the industry, Well Man Watercheck will test your water and design a treatment system that fits your needs. We offer the latest technology from multiple manufacturers to deliver the best quality products to your home or business.

Technology Leaders

Chemical feed systems for the control of acid, odor and bacteria are an important part of a complete water treatment system. In the past these systems utilized pumps that injected chemicals at an imprecise rate. Our products, such as the PULSAtron system, utilize an Electronic Metering Pump which eliminates the fluctuation of chemical injection found in other systems.

Constant Pressure Systems to increase and maintain water pressure from any faucet in the home. With a regular well pump water pressure can decrease when multiple faucets are turned on. With a constant pressure system water pressure will not diminish no mater how many fixtures are on.  Its like getting city pressure water from your well.

Iron Breaker Systems for the removal of iron and odor from the water. This is a salt and chemical free system that is effective in removing low levels of iron from the water. Or to to eliminate sulfur odor from the water. This system requires only yearly maintance.